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The idea for Healthy Living came about when I moved from London to Amsterdam in 2015. I was at a pivotal point in my life and determined to start a new and healthy life in this beautiful city.

Life in London was busy, action-packed, and for me, full of unhealthy choices. I had to literally force myself to the gym and I didn’t feel inspired to eat healthy food, often reaching for the junk food. Tired and stuck in the London’s rat race, I was pleased to make a healthier change and relocate to Amsterdam in 2015.

Two years on, I feel considerably healthier than I did in London, the pace and quality of life alone makes a significant difference to my overall well-being.  I feel inspired by the wholesome options in Amsterdam – eating fresher foods and incorporating cycling as part of my regular exercise.

Of course, old habits die hard! Whilst the intent of my mindset is to be healthy, I find that my food and exercise choices could be far more disciplined. I admittedly have some way to go on this journey.  I feel that I am on a personal expedition for my mind, body and soul to discover and commit to more enriching life choices!

Whilst I could see so many healthy stores/ cafes/facilities in Amsterdam, I felt what was lacking was ONE directory to get me to these healthy spots.

This is what the essence of Healthy Living Amsterdam is about – a journey of discovery for our well-being of the mind, body and soul. On this site, you will find my favourite places in Amsterdam for healthy living.

Amsterdam is a vivacious and positively dynamic city with endless opportunities to live vibrantly. Each week I will review and share the best places to live a nourishing and abundant life in Amsterdam.

I hope you will join me!



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  1. Michelle says:

    Great Idea! Wish you all the best with the project


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