Kraamzorg care in Amsterdam

I’m on my final day with my Kraamzorg which has been provided by De Kraam Specialist

For those who haven’t heard of the Kraamzorg care in the Netherlands, it is a fantastic postnatal service which is provided to the new mother and her baby in the 8 to 10 days immediately after birth.

The main responsibility of the Kraamzorg is to ensure that the recovery of the new mother is going well, and that the baby is taking all the right developmental steps and feeding well. The costs are covered by the health insurance providers.

I had my intake session with the De Kraam Specialist when I was around 6 months pregnant, which involved an overview of the services which were offered.   It all sounded fab, but I remember being slightly perplexed about what the Kraamzorg would actually be doing for the full 8 days – surely there wasn’t that much to learn?

Since I am now on final day 10 with my Kraamzorg (with a c-section you are allocated 2 days extra), I now realise how wrong I was! The time that I’ve had with my Kraamzorg has been incredibly special and I’m now wondering how I will continue without her!

Kraamzorg’s are assigned to the new parents a few days before the baby is born. Having someone you don’t know in your home during such a significant period can be daunting for the new parents. It is important that the new mother feels comfortable with her Kraamzorg, so if there isn’t a click with the allocated provider, it is possible to request for a change. Being very British in my nature, I was dreading that this would happen to me!

Lucky for us, we had a fantastic experience as we were assigned an English speaking Kraamzorg specialist called Karin, who has more than 20 years Kraamzorg experience.  She’s seen a lot of newborns in her time, so we knew that we would be in good hands!

I have to say I was pretty clueless when it came to caring for a newborn – before Karin arrived I had never changed a nappy nor bathed a baby, so being shown the basics really made the world of difference.

Since the world to motherhood is new and often overwhelming and doesn’t come with an instruction manual, 🙂  the purpose of the Kraamzorg is to equip the mother with techniques on how take care of her baby to make the transition to motherhood easier. Breastfeeding isn’t as easy as it looks!

Recovery after a c-section has been painful, and I’ve felt quite emotional and tired in the past week.  With my beautiful newborn baby in my arms,  it’s easy to forget that I’ve had major abdominal surgery just a week prior. Therefore having extra support during this time,  with gentle encouragement to go slow, to eat and sleep has been so invaluable.

In addition to looking after my daughter, Karin was kind enough to help make lunch, dinner and do some light house work. All these things have been so helpful for my recovery and have made a huge difference to getting used to life as a new mum .

Also, having Karin with me has been great for company and reassurance.  Despite feeling sad that tomorrow I will have to ”go it alone”, I do feel so much more well equipped having the professional care of a Kraamzorg.

It’s such an incredible service offered, I do hope that other countries pick up on this postnatal care.


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