Gentle C-Section at OLVG Oost

What an incredible week it’s been!

This time last week I was sitting at home with my husband and mother contemplating (fearfully) what the next morning would bring.

I had been booked in for a gentle c-section at OLVG Oost because despite my best efforts to get my daughter to turn in a natural way, she wasn’t able to do so.

I had considered a breech delivery if my baby arrived prior to the scheduled c-section date. But unfortunately she didn’t spin, nor did she arrive earlier than planned! The little lady was too comfortable in her breech position.

So, on the morning of 12th February I checked myself into the Anna Pavilion midwifery centre at OLVG Oost. It was quite a strange feeling to think that in a few hours time, I would have undertaken abdominal surgery and had my baby pulled out!  I’m not a fan of hospitals, and I’ve only had one minor surgery in my life. So needless to say I was very apprehensive.

Having checked into my room at 8am, I was then scanned one final time to see if the baby had turned (I would have been very shocked if she had, since I didn’t feel it), then headed back to my room to get changed for the operation.

With my operating dress on, I was wheeled away with my husband close by, staring at the ceiling with some fear! The operating staff at OLVG were very kind, they spoke to me in English and despite feeling very agitated about the operation, I knew that I was in good hands.

With the anaesthesia administered to my spine, my legs quickly lost sensation  and the C-section started. I became quite shaky at this point and started to hyperventilate, but  with my loving husband guiding me through , keeping me calm and reassuring me with breathing exercises I came out the other side and managed to regain control.  I had my eyes clenched tightly and reminded myself that in a matter of moments my daughter would finally be here!

I felt very light tugging and pulling and after 10 minutes my daughter was taken out! The blue screen which blocked my view of the operation was taken down and I could finally get a view of her! What an incredible moment which brought on such a powerful emotion that I’ll never forget.

Having a gentle c-section made a big difference. My daughter was only away from me for about 5 minutes whilst she had her lungs cleared, her vitals checked and for her cord to be cut – which my proud husband was able to do!

With the gentle c-section, there is a focus on making it as ”natural” as possible, therefore my baby was placed on my chest right after delivery for immediate skin-to-skin contact. She stayed with us for the rest of the surgery and then accompanied  us to the recovery room where we stayed until I felt good enough to go back to my room.

I had been dreading having a c-section initially, but the care and patience that I received at OLVG over the next two days was excellent and made my first few days into motherhood very special, allowing my husband, daughter and I time to bond in the bubble that was our private room.




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