Alignment during Pregnancy

Gearing up to the end of my pregnancy I was in search of a course which would ease my mind and prepare my body to handle giving birth.

I first met Kamini at Delight Yoga where she teaches weekly prenatal yoga classes. Kamini is an experienced yoga teacher who has a beautiful ‘yogi glow’ to her, radiating joy and a calm flow during her practice. I enjoyed the softness and ease of her teaching style.

I was really happy to learn that Kamini has her own yoga studio in the west of Amsterdam with classes that specialise in pre and postnatal yoga.

Alignment Yoga focuses on restoring the natural alignment of the body in preparation for giving birth. In the words of Kamini;

During this 8-week course in Pregnancy Yoga and Alignment you will stay fit and learn exactly which moves and positions are supportive to accommodate for all the changes in your pregnant body. The exercises make your body flexible and offer space where needed. You will gain trust in the power of your body. This allows you to grow towards the birth of your baby with self-confidence. The relaxing effect of yoga is nourishing for you and your baby, both during pregnancy and childbirth.

From a physical aspect, I was particularly interested in learning about the specific techniques to free up the birthing space and how to train the pelvic floor muscles.

Since I have a mild case of scoliosis and have been suffering with years of backaches, I wanted to know how to restore the natural alignment of my body.

From a mindfulness aspect, I wanted to distance myself from the impending feeling of anxiety towards the birth, and get guidance on how to feel empowered.

The course duration was 8 weeks and ran for my final trimester of pregnancy. Each week involved:

  • An opportunity to discuss how we are feeling during our pregnancy
  • Information about the changes that take place towards the end of pregnancy and going into labour
  • Understanding the power of the breath
  • Aligning the body with yoga poses and gentle movements
  • Learning specific techniques to assist with delivery
  • Learning how to stretch and strengthen specific muscles

The course was very practical and I could immediately put into practice what I had learnt, for example by shifting my pelvis back with the weight resting on my heels it eased the pressure on my lower back. The suggestions led me to become more mindful about my daily posture and movements, which made a profound difference on how I felt towards the end of my pregnancy.

Kamini has a depth of knowledge, and due to the intimate group size (maximum of 12 women) she was able to provide individual attention, giving focus where it was needed for students who had specific ailments.  In my case, since I was in the process of encouraging my breech baby to turn, Kamini suggested yoga positions for me to try out during each class and at home.

In the penultimate week of the course, Kamini invites the partners along to a longer session. The purpose of the class is to educate the men on how they can best support their partners during labour.  My husband learnt more about the role he would play in the birthing process and some new massage techniques to try out on me. This gave me a sense of reassurance that he was equipping himself with the knowledge and tips to assist me through labour.

From the course I took a wealth of information and I was given practical tools to guide and prepare me to give birth. I felt so much more empowered and prepared for the big day and I would positively recommend the course to pregnant women in Amsterdam.



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