Prenatal yoga in Amsterdam

Pre Natal Yoga in Amsterdam

I love that Amsterdam has so many options when it comes to yoga and meditation classes.

Gearing up for the 27th week of pregnancy I felt it was time to find a class specific for my needs.  A quick search on google brought up dozens of options for classes in Amsterdam.  However, feeling heavier and looking for options closer to home,  I decided to begin with the Live Yoga class situated in Amsterdam Oost.

Live yoga is a mindful pregnancy class with certified doula Ilena Standring. The sessions run every Friday from 4pm – 6pm, and combine gentle yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and were designed to help the expectant mother get and stay fit throughout her pregnancy.

Our Mindful Pregnancy yoga classes in Amsterdam Oost are designed to support you physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally.

The class started with an opportunity for each of us to discuss how our week had been – this was a great way to open up about the changes that we have been experiencing with our bodies and emotions. We also went on to share mindful moments which had occurred during the week.

Entering my final trimester, I’ve had a few mindful moments in the past week as I had felt my baby be far more active which was very special.  The opening session was a great way to connect with the other ladies in the group and discuss any concerns with Illena – who is an open encyclopedia regarding all things pregnancy related! 🙂

We moved into a routine of restorative positions which had a focus on calming and cooling the body – such as warrior and supported child pose.

As a seasoned yogi, I was quite amazed how such gentle positions led my body to feel like it was exercising (albeit gently) – I had to laugh at myself when the simple child pose had to be adapted several times to make myself more comfortable. Ileana was very supportive and reminded me to be gentle with myself as I was making space for the baby.

Once we had completed the asanas, Ilena got us to prepare the mats for the final session with meditation during savasana. We were supported with comfortable bolsters,  our backs supported, an eye mask on and a blanket over us. She then led us into a guided meditation, I went into a relaxed and open place and even felt very emotional and connected with my little baby.

It was a powerful experience and I must say that I found it very difficult to come round and back to reality.

At first glance, 2 hours may seem a long class, but by the end of the class, I felt that it had gone very quickly and I felt very much relaxed by the end of the session.

This yoga session with Ilena was a lovely first-time experience of prenatal yoga. As someone who can sometimes get frustrated with yoga classes, I felt that the session was informative,  challenging but most of all restorative.



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