Eerlijk Amsterdam

If you are looking to find a place in Amsterdam where healthy food and sustainability are combined, then I would recommend Eerlijk Amsterdam in Amsterdam Oost.

They pay careful attention to their ingredients, for example, their bread is freshly made and is free of unnecessary artificial flavours or modifiers.

When it comes to sourcing their products their aim is to source locally, for example, their coffee and tea are sourced from Rum Baba which is a small roastery in Amsterdam,  who are dedicated to serving seriously good fresh roasted coffee.

With a bright interior, and a Scandinavian living room feels, and the food tastes as fresh as the decor looks.

What makes the space unique is the possibility to meet with a professional Life Coach during your lunch break to discuss anything from life goals to blocks, to get you feeling inspired and motivated again.

At Eerlijk the space allows the merging of  two passions to combine: the pre-love for developing people, and passion for food and drink. A place with quality hospitality for a fair price in a fun, open and dynamic setting that inspires and invites you to conduct a good conversation and make contacts.

Ultimatley , this is a place to relax, recharge (physically and mentally) and where you will find that new ideas get space to grow, a place to reflect and breathe.


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