Located the southern edge of Amsterdam, Amstelpark is an expansive park filled with a multitude of flower gardens, a playground and a petting zoo. There is also an on-site gallery with two exhibition spaces: the Glazen Huis (glass house) and the Orangerie.

Amstelpark is a magical place for young and old. The park features a huge variety of plants and creative gardening layouts, due to the fact that it was originally built for the Floriade in 1972. This “garden show” event takes place every 10 years, and professional gardeners from around the world create spectacular displays just for the Floriade. After the event was over, the Amstelpark was turned into a public park, but they preserved a number of the original displays and layouts. Amstelpark has a petting zoo just for children, but it’s not uncommon to see chickens and rabbits throughout the entire park. There is also a very large playground and a small train that loops around the park from April to October.


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