Poke – Amsterdam


Fast Healthy Nutritious Food? Yes, it is possible now that I have discovered Poke Perfect in Amsterdam. Oh how happy am I that you have come into my life!

It would have been difficult not to have seen Poke Perfect’s colourful dishes brightly displayed all over Amsterdam tram shelter. With Haiwiaan inspired food, their advertising displays show fresh, vibrant and healthy food, and I immediately felt that this was something that I wanted to get tucked into straight away.

I tried my first Poke Perfect dish in their Amsterdam debut store, which has a minimalistic style with natural bamboo, on entrance you have a wide array of healthy options at the bar – with the servers offering you a wide choice of DIY options 

The great thing about Poke Amsterdam’s dishes, is that the dishes are simply as scrumptious to taste as they look at. With colourful freshly cut options of avocado, salmon, edamame beans, fresh shrimp – the list of fresh deviousness has to be seen and tried.

 At the bar you have the option to try a signature dish, or simply create your own. You start by building the base, so if rice is not for you , there is the option of healthy quinoa or brown rice and then add in their delicious toppings and sauce from there.  The multitude of different combinations makes for different flavors every time you go.

 The concept is quick, easy and healthy dishes at a very good price for the amount of food you get in a serving. For 10 euros you get a nutritious dish  – such as their signature dish, which is my favourite – The Witzel which includes lashings of Salmon, avocado and cucumber topped off with orange masago, spring onion, sesame seeds and their signature Poké Ponzu sauce. The  flavours and assortment of textures were exactly what I’d hoped for

 To say I’m hooked is not a lie – I could happily eat here every day as the food is just so tasty, that I want to keep on going back for more!



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