Ubud to Amsterdam

I’ve been to Amsterdam many times before, but always as a tourist, or passing through visiting family in Holland.

This time it’s for real! I’ve made a permanent move…. Last weekend I arrived with all my favourite possessions in three suitcases – that’s not bad going for a woman who has too many clothes.  I made a concious choice that 2015 is the year of simplifying and cleaning up my life, health and attitude. 🙂

I quit my job in London in February 2015 and went travelling for 2 months, I had the pleasure to see some fine places; being Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and Bali. I left London thinking the 2 months travelling would be just an opportunity to see parts of the world I’ve never seen before. I wasn’t expecting a shift in myself, and my thoughts.

In New Zealand we were immersed in natural beauty, it was impossible not to be impressed by the vast natural splendour with stunning beaches, forests, mountains and lakes. We had the opportunity to stay at an eco lodge at Punakaki. The Beaconstone Lodge http://www.beaconstoneecolodge.co.nz/ made me reassess how I could live in a simpler, more self-sufficient way.

I’ve heard that visiting Bali changed a person, but I wasn’t really thinking that it would be such a drastic one! Bali made me think about a new approach to food and reconnect with yoga and spiritual life.

Whilst I was there I went to a silent retreat which was 1.5 hours drive from ubud http://www.balisilentretreat.com. Surrounded by mountains, and rice fields, the silent retreat was a beautiful place where you literally nourish your mind body and soul. I loved the daily yoga and meditation classes and the food was phenomenal !  Inspired from the ‘Bumi Baru-New Earth food philosophy, all their food was slow cooked  straight from the earth all grown or bought locally to the retreat. I’ve never had vegan food before, and I have to say 5 days of just vegan food was totally delicious. It totally changed the way that i thought about food, and needless to say i’ve not eaten any meat at all!

So that’s a quick summary of me, I’ve been inspired for a long time to create a healthier life, so having just moved to Amsterdam, I’m on a mission to find out where the local spots are to create a healthy lifestyle!

First stop, BKS iyengar yoga





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